We provide a full range of hosted cloud services. Securing and protecting your company’s email systems against viruses, malware, phishing and data theft attacks.

All these services are provided from UK data centres with 99.99% up time SLA’s.

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Email security and availability services

Spam accounts for 90% of all emails worldwide, threatening employee productivity, network security and your company’s bottom line.

A single email virus can cost your organisation an enormous amount in damages, lost productivity and compromise your systems and data integrity. It is important to have a plan that ensures protection from email viruses, spam, phishing, email flooding, directory harvest attacks and denial of service attacks.

Comprehensive Spam & Virus Filtering service

Key Benefits of Email Filtering:

  • Multiple anti-virus engines, updated every minute
  • Intelligent self-learning anti-spam filters
  • Spool mail for up to 14 days if your email server goes offline
  • Instant scalability with the cloud
  • Deploy in minutes
  • Seamless integration

Secure and Accessible Email Archiving

If your company was required to produce specific emails sent last week, last month or last year, would you be able to find them?

With the proliferation of data security, privacy and compliance legislation and legal discovery rules, it has become necessary for many IT departments to not only maintain complete multi-year archives of company email, but also ensure that is it easily accessible and that specific messages can be located in minutes, not weeks.

Reduce risk / Reduce costs / Improve discovery

Key benefits:

  • Comply with regulations like Data Protection Act, Euro SOX, GLBA and others
  • Recover data purposefully or accidentally lost
  • Protect intellectual property
  • Fewer requests to restore lost/deleted email
  • Fewer on premise resources and license costs
  • Free up mail server space, keep PST files under control
  • Search and find any email in seconds

Protect your business communications 24/7 and guarantee 100% email availability

It is estimated that companies will face a 72 percent chance of an unplanned email outage within the next 12 months.

Email systems that go down cost organisations in a variety of ways, including lost employee productivity, additional IT time investment to resolve email outages, missed business opportunities and a damaged business reputation.

An email continuity solution is important to implement to ensure that your company’s email stays operational.

Prevent Downtime and the Risk of Data Loss

Regardless of whether you have a planned email outage for maintenance or an unexpected server crash, email continuity will enable you to log in, send, receive and forward emails until your primary service is back online.

Key Benefits:

  • Rapid retrieval of lost or accidentally deleted emails
  • Works with almost any email server software
  • Rapid activation; can be setup in minutes
  • Administrative tools that give you complete control

Ensure the Security of Your Company’s Sensitive Information

Intercepted or misdirected email can lead to regulatory problems, damaged reputation, lost productivity and the financial impact associated with unsecured communications.

It is important to have a plan that ensures the security of your company’s sensitive information. Not only to avoid a data breach, but also to ensure that your company meets all government regulations regarding the privacy and transmission of electronic data.

Ease of Administration / Ease of Use / Solid Return on Investment

Key Benefits:

  • Corporate email encryption and data privacy policies are centrally enforced and managed at the gateway
  • Easily define and manage policies using the web based portal
  • Encryption and decryption of email communication takes place automatically and is transparent to the end user
  • End users do not have to import digital certificates or other complicated encryption tools
  • Our email encryption is a low cost addition to our managed email solutions
  • Works seamlessly with Data Leak Prevention and other policy based services
  • Ease of deployment, administration and use lowers implementation costs and minimises support costs.

While the data privacy and security regulations with Data Protection Act, PCI, Euro SOX and others are complex and a challenge for responsible organisations to understand, our email encryption solution is straightforward and easy to implement.